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22 Aug 2017 — Getting ready for release!
Posted on 22 Aug 2017 by L2Ruby
The account system is now finished. The database is wiped and you can now create your account from the site. Note that accounts are not autocreate anymore for security reasons and can only be created from the site. If you already downloaded the patch, please download the new patch with the new updates. Also, the in game security is now required. Once you log into the game you will need to type .security and enter a security code different from your account password to fully unlock your character.
18 Aug 2017 — Patch Preview #1
Posted on 18 Aug 2017 by L2Ruby
Take a glimpse at the upcoming changes.
Countdown to opening:

15 Aug 2017 — Incoming changes
Posted on 15 Aug 2017 by RiMe
We will be opening again on Thursday 24rth Aug 17:00 (GMT +2).
Our test period is now over. During this period we had zero lag issues and the server is now bug free. The server is coming down today for maintenance as we prepare for major updates. We will wipe and start fresh. Join us on the 24rth for an awesome experience.
05 Aug 2017 — Like us on Facebook
Posted on 05 Aug 2017 by L2Ruby
With every 50 facebook likes, online players will be awarded!
04 Aug 2017 — Some recent changes
Posted on 04 Aug 2017 by L2Ruby
Yesterday, on August 3, we've been working individually on farming experience and on raid bosses. We have received a noticeable amount of complains about the drop rate so we decided to increase it x2 (on farmer coins). However the drop rate on adena farm areas remains the same. The developers are working hard on new upcomming Raid Bosses but fixing bugs everyday is our main priority so far.

01 Aug 2017 — Server launched successfully
Posted on 01 Aug 2017 by RiMe
The server has launched successfully in BETA test mode moments ago.
Come join us & test our server!
17 Jul 2017 — Release date issued
Posted on 17 Jul 2017 by RiMe
Grand opening August 1st 18:00 (GMT+2).
We are glad to announce that all major issues have been fixed and we are now performing the last tests to ensure maximum quality.
17 Jul 2017 — Welcome to L2 Ruby – PvP interlude Server.
Posted on 17 Jul 2017 by L2Ruby
Server will start soon,with amazing features such as rare and unique equipment, multiple sub-class system, wide PvP areas, Clan wars, Castle sieges, Olympiads, automated events and much more. We are glad to have you around and we hope you will enjoy playing with us.

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