L2Ruby - Lineage 2 Interlude.


Experiência (EXP) - x300
Skill Points (SP) - x300
Adena - x300
Drop Itens - x10


Start Level - 21
Status Nobless - Killing Barakiel (3h spawn) and farm.
Buff Slot - 28 +4 (Divine Inspiration, buy in GM Shop).
Commands: .menu .info .donate .repair
All buffs in NPC, scheme buffs in NPC.
Buff time 3 hours.


NO-Custom items.
Jewels Bosses - Hard farm or in Epic Boss.
Accessories and tatto(low status retail).
Party Zone special drops in event.


Safe Enchant +3.
Max. Enchant +16.
Normal Scroll 60% max +10.

Blessed Scroll 80% max +13 - failure return +3.

Golden Scroll 80%(+3 +13), 30%(+14), 20%(+15), 10%(+16).
Failure only loses scroll.
Augment 5% chance (STR,MEN,INT and CON).


Olympiad 14 Days.
Enchant in oly +6.
Min 9 matches to be hero.
No-Custom items.
Jewells boss allowed.

Clan, Alliance & Siege

Siege System: Allowed all castles 14 in 14 days. Exclusive rewards.
Only registered clans can join the siege.

Max Alliance: 2 clans per ally.

Raid Boss zone Limit: 3 Partys(27 players) per Clan/Ally.
Grand Boss zone Limit: 3 Partys(27 players) per Clan/Ally.


Team vs Team 2 in 2 hours.
Party Zone Farm 120min duration.
Tournament 3x3 5x5 and 9x9.
Ultra Boss exclusive donate rewards.
Auto change PvpZone.


Smart-Guard Protection.